erra versus Aqua is certified according to the standards of Lloyds. We maintain competitive prices, but safety and quality are paramount within the company. The policy of Terra versus Aqua is based on Dutch legislations and is written down in the manual that also contains the companies policy statement. All work is carried out according to this policy. Before the start of a project a work floor inspection takes place. The personnel has the information needed. Information transfer takes place in the form of (toolbox) meetings. All the information that is transferred between the different parties is being recorded in reports. Accidents and incidents are recorded in a written report. After an analysis the system in case can possibly be adjusted. Construction quality, labor conditions and environmental care are taken care of with responsibility. Reported accidents and incidents are analyzed and evaluated thoroughly. Terra versus Aqua has a special safety and health functionary who is committed to the coordination (supervision of expertise-input.) of health and safety (VG) aspects of the company. The functionary has the special Dutch VCA qualification “VOL-VCA” (safety for operational supervisors-VCA). Whenever necessary, he is assisted by an external safety expert of the Dutch ARBONED. Safety, Personal health, wellbeing and environmental care are of vital importance for TvA. According to our VGWM policy we strive towards the following goals:
  • Maintenance of a SAFE, HEALTHY and ACCIDENTFREE work floor for all persons.
  • Avoidance of damaging the environment.
  • Safe working methods, in which accidents are avoided as much as possible and where the hazard risk is reduced to an acceptable level.
  • Comply with the laws and recognition of the “best practice”;
  • Continues improvement of our VGWM-performances.