aily Terra versus Aqua works with full commitment and expertise for its clients. Companies and agencies we work for include port authorities, municipalities, water boards, provinces, contractors and companies in the petrochemical industry.

Our main activities are:

Placing natural stones

  • Application of natural stone or concrete revetments for dikes.
  • Application of revetments with a mix of wood and natural stone.
  • Reparation and maintenance of dike slopes and dams.
  • Building tarps

Masonnary work:

  • Construction natural stone quay walls.
  • Revetment of natural stones facades
  • Reparation and maintenance of quay walls and natural stone facades.
  • Prepare natural stones for masonry work

Osier work:

  • Weaving classical and modern osier beds and other wood beds.

Controling and certificating dikes:

  • Certificating and checking of primary dikes

Recommendation and training:

  • Recommendations of constructions and maintenance of dike revetments.
  • Training of local companies outside of Europe in building and maintaining slope revetments with local materials/ elements.